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When you make a tee time booking with a golf club or golf course on our website, the following terms apply, so please read them carefully.

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Important Golfing Extras

The following extra information has been compiled through our experience of booking tee times at UK golf clubs and courses and form part of our Terms of Business. Please read it carefully, as it will help to ensure that your expectations are met. However, please also read the rules of the course or club with whom you have booked a tee time. 

1. Pace of Play

Golf courses are usually very busy in the high season and you should expect between a 4 and 4.5 hour round as a reasonable pace of play although this can be slower in extremely busy times. Pace of play cannot be guaranteed by the course.

2. Playing Conditions

Although golf courses are inspected on a regular basis, their actual playing condition may vary from time to time. Course maintenance such as aerating greens and improving drainage will happen from time to time and often will be scheduled at such short notice, depending on weather, which means that we are not always made aware of when this will occur. Equally, in particularly dry spells, when there are water bans in place, fairways and greens may be burnt and not in the best of playing conditions. Events such as these are out of the control of Teeofftimes.co.uk and the golf club or course and neither we nor the golf club or course can be held responsible for the condition of the course that you have booked to play.

3. Inclement Weather

As adverse weather is inevitable during the course of the year, golf clubs may either close the golf course or operate temporary tees and greens at their sole discretion. Please read our Inclement weather policy for further details.

4. Handicap Certificates

Some golf clubs or courses will require handicap certificates before accepting visitors, which we will endeavour to advise you of at the time of booking. Whilst a certificate of playing ability is not essential on all courses, the appropriate golfing etiquette and knowledge of golfing rules is expected and each golf course reserves the right to refuse access if it is judged that individuals do not display the required etiquette and/or knowledge. We cannot be held responsible in these circumstances.

5. Dress Code

Appropriate dress and footwear should be worn at all times on the course and in the clubhouse (as per the information included in your confirmation). Certain golf clubs have a dress code for dinner and this will be advised at the time of booking and in the extra notes on your booking confirmation. We cannot accept responsibility for any ruling by the club if you or any of your group is unable to play or dine due to inappropriate attire.

6. Behaviour

Most clubs reserve the right to refuse access to the course or the clubhouse if you behave without due consideration to other players. Refunds will not be payable in these circumstances.

You will be responsible directly to the golf club or course for any damage or loss to person or property that you cause and club rules normally require all damage to be paid for in full at the time that it occurs.